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Parametric Insurance 2021

Insurance has gotten a lot more interesting over the past few years. Helmed by progressive leadership, a growing number of insurance companies are making strategic investments in digital innovation.

The Future of Automotive Services 2021

The automotive industry is rapidly turning sci-fi concepts into reality. Until relatively recently, concepts as electric vehicles (EV), driverless cars, and contactless service stations were the stuff of fiction and speculation.

UAE Retail Digital Transformation Part 2, 02-2021

Even after the pandemic subsides, UAE retailers who continue to rely on in-store sales will have a negative impact on their revenues...

UAE Retail Digital Transformation Part 1, 02-2021

COVID-19 has rewritten the retail rulebook. Health and safety concerns are now a purchase driver...

Sean Sheppard joins U+ 01-2021

Silicon Valley luminary, venture capitalist and serial tech entrepreneur Sean Sheppard elevates capabilities of corporate venture builder U+

Sustainable Insurance 07-2020

Sustainable Insurance aims to reduce risk, develop innovative solutions, improve business performance

Circular Economy 07-2020

The Circular Economy involves maintaining, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling...

Telco Online 05–2020

Telcos and the 4.0 Industrial Revolution

Insurance Online 05-2020

Why insurance companies need an online architect

Fintech 01-2020

We are going to take a sampling of digital innovations in the Fintech market

Insurtech 01-2020

Is insurance boring or not? Digital trends that are waking up the sleeping giant