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into reality

We help founders build and corporations innovate through design-thinking and a lean startup approach.

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From Idea to Reality
The journey of an idea tirelessly verified by the market.

Validation 1-2 months

Focusing on core product value and testing with potential users.

  • Prototypes (James)
  • User testing
  • Very little development
Ideas to realityVALIDATION
MVP 3-6 months

Building the first usable version of the product based on validation.

  • Agile Development
  • Constant verification with users
  • Weekly changes in product
Ideas to realityMVP
Scaling 12+ months

Improving the product based on business needs and customer feedback.

  • Agile Development
  • Constant verification with users
  • Focus on operations support
  • Process automation
Ideas to realitySCALING

Start small
Starting a new venture is hard. James helps you to create the first clickable prototype of your mobile or web app starting at $1499 and 3 days.

Ideas made real
Some of the products we can talk about and are proud of.

From 0 to $2.5m
valuation in a year

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“Igluu Is The New Best Way To Buy 
And Rent Homes In NYC.”

“Igluu Looking To Seize The New York Listings Crown”

of 7 web portals into 1

Connecting internal CRMs, mobile applications, CAD building data and 5 promotional office center pages into one.
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Powerful online data profiling for corporations

Creating a unified design language and frontend architecture for the first client's SaaS platform.
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