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Uptime Auto is a free, one-stop platform to manage company vehicles for small business owners. This web-based tool connects small businesses to automotive service providers and offers member-only discounts on vehicle maintenance.

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Our Mission

Develop a MVP and launch a pilot to validate or invalidate the value proposition and customer acquisition strategy for small business owners. Design and develop the landing pages for the MVP launch, and market test the product with the use of performance marketing and customer interviews.

Our Approach

We conducted interviews with small business owners to support initial market hypotheses and guide product development for the MVP. Tested product-market fit through a series of performance marketing campaigns and analyzed market tests to optimize the sales funnel for user acquisition.


  • We repositioned the value proposition and revised the product roadmap based on qualitative and quantitative insights.
  • The UX team designed a new landing page and provided product improvements for the MVP.
  • The U+ product development team delivered an MVP, in preparation for upcoming market tests.

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