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A quick look

Update is a service, that lets you rent a phone and get new versions once they come out. We built a robust CRM application which connects various scoring and reseller systems. The information about customers can be viewed in many different ways by all the user roles including the customers themselves.

Our Mission

Create a universal phone device leasing service across multiple providers and test the depreciation models for resale value.

Our Approach

Work with the number one provider of used phones in the country to plug into their sales process. Develop integration with their internal system and create customer and device tracking CRM that estimates the value of devices.


  • Supported a partnership between a local retail network and the new service
  • Created an internal claims management solution
  • Supported the introduction of first device subscription service to the market

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We were tasked with redesigning the Homecredit China corporate site in order to drive online loan sales. We used a lean startup approach on site in Shenzhen and Tianjin with direct customer research and managed to deliver the new site within three months, thus creating a new online revenue stream and support for Chinese online activities. We continued to support Chinese innovation activities with a dedicated team.

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