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A quick look

Sečteno is a product which gives businesses a clear and comprehensive overview of their finances. It connects directly into the accounting system and helps businesses get tailor-made deals from Raiffeisen Bank.

Our Mission

Create a personalized accounting tool that would offer advanced insights to small and medium sized businesses which wouldn't normally have those kinds of insights available to them.

Our Approach

Understand the current accounting landscape in the Czech Republic and the specific needs of finance departments within businesses. Design a financial software solution around those needs to provide both executive level insights as well as detailed data for the finance department level. Continue development of additional features until fully handing off the product to an external team.


  • Deployed the product onto the market along with custom tailored offers from Raiffeisen Bank
  • Implemented import/export caching, and later an API solution to directly connect with accounting software
  • Provided the first data platform to Raiffeisen Bank which allowed them to include an offering of customized product offers
  • Handed over to an internal team and an external team after having onboarded tens of initial customers onto the platform

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