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MallPay is an online deferred payment method that allows you to purchase online goods and test them for 14 days. After 14 days you can either return what you purchase, pay for it through an online payment gateway or get a loan.

Our Mission

Build a sturdy backend system with an API that connects to any E–commerce site.

Our Approach

We have started MallPay 4 years ago as part of a program management of multiple innovation projects and managed it through our innovation process. The product has achieved product–market fit and has been acquired by a joint venture of a major bank and an investment group. Successfully handed over to Mall Group in May 2019.


  • Our longest running product with successful handover
  • MallPay has become a focal point of high profile investment group and bank collaboration
  • 100,000s of people used MallPay with below industry average fraud
  • We developed a proprietary financial flows and scoring system

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