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First smart TV app for kids from a toy manufacturer


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A quick look

We partnered with Lego and Samsung to create a streaming version of Lego’s TV series for kids. The application featured multiple series, special content and a reporting dashboard.

Our Mission

Create a first ever collaboration between Lego TV series and Samsung Smart TVs to create an application suitable for kids.

Our Approach

We utilized our web development and infrastructure knowledge to create an application easy to use for children. Given the proliferation of online streaming services was not high in 2013 we even contributed to buying higher throughput network equipment for one of the local ISPs.


  • First large scale collaboration between Lego and a Smart TV company in Europe
  • Proof of concept for European rollout
  • Servers supporting tens of thousands of concurrent users
  • Identified peak time for children TV watching on Sunday between 7am and 9am based on usage data

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