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Collaboration with Khalifa University to select and help find product-market fit for the most promising patents leading them through a commercialization process.

Our Mission

To determine whether the market actually experiences the problem solved by the patent and whether the patent would solve it in a better way than other available solutions do (market need & market fit).

Our Approach

We took over from a management consulting company to validate, market test, and create a commercialization roadmap for the selected IP´s.


  • Used the U+ IP commercialization methodology to conduct a technology and patent assessment based on specific and relevant criteria.
  • Assessed a bank of 72 patents ranging from agriculture and chemistry to hardware and education.
  • Validated and tested the market through thorough desktop research and technology expert interviews.
  • Provided recommendations and a roadmap for commercialization when applicable.

More of our work

Online used car sales platform

Online cross border used car sales platform that uses data from all European car sales platforms to create a pricing map and evaluates the most interesting and price competitive cars to offer.

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Storing solar power without batteries

Industry 4.0 system that integrates data from solar power connected IoT devices, measuring whether a user is removing energy from or putting it back in the network

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