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An insights application that combines a retailer's data with the client’s bank data to provide actionable insights on propensity to spend and customer churn allowing the retailer to create offers across multiple platforms.








Our Mission

Build an interactive prototype defining the application and what's possible, while defining its value proposition. Define the target users and the customer journey through the app.

Our Approach

We facilitated a series of creative ideation sessions to define the market, end users, application features and value proposition hypotheses. Customers were interviewed to understand what is valuable to them, their pain points and potential opportunities.


  • An interactive prototype was built to demonstrate feasibility of the application as well as a platform that would manage data, communication between applications and security.
  • An initial value proposition was developed, together with the subsequent marketing and application messaging that would communicate the features and benefits of the application and the retailers' on the platform.
  • A visual diagram of the entire system (applications, platform and marketing channels) was developed to communicate the complexity of the system to internal executive stakeholders.
  • Personas and a customer journey map were developed.
  • All outcomes were built with the goal of defining an MVP to be launched in the marketplace.

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