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A quick look

HoppyGo is a European car sharing startup that through its app and web application enables you to list or rent a car, browse available car and automatically process payment

Our Mission

Change how people think about owning cars and mobility in general.

Our Approach

We built and successfully launched a car sharing application in Munich and Prague where car owners could list their cars, and renters were able to select and book. The whole rental process was facilitated via the app including payment, insurance, pick up and drop off procedures.


  • Created an advanced payment module that calculates pricing based on country, length of rental, type of a car including discount codes
  • Developed a system of split payments to enable legal operation of the platform
  • Successful launch generating 1000’s of users and hundreds of transactions in the initial 2 months of operations
  • built web and mobile version based on the same React (Native) codebase to speed up product development process

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