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Make the largest Chinese loan provider generate leads online


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We were tasked with redesigning the Homecredit China corporate site in order to drive online loan sales. We used a lean startup approach on site in Shenzhen and Tianjin with direct customer research and managed to deliver the new site within three months, thus creating a new online revenue stream and support for Chinese online activities. We continued to support Chinese innovation activities with a dedicated team.

Our Mission

Completely redesign the online presence of largest online loan provider and start generating loan leads.

Our Approach

While being mindful of cultural differences we used rapid prototyping and tested communication and visual styles every day on the street in Shenzhen with a translator at the beginning. We delivered a completely overhauled corporate site with WeChat "light apps" for marketing purposes within 2 months and then continued iterating based on analytics data.


  • Execution of new website and "light apps" in 2 months
  • Utilization of lean rapid prototyping to align with cultural norms
  • Collaboration with local innovations team on buildout of new innovations ecosystem
  • Transition of Homecredit China to AWS to handle increasing load thanks to our AWS Partner status

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