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It is GAS Jeans’ 30th anniversary this year. For this occasion GAS opened up their e-commerce site for free shopping for 30 seconds. This event successfully ran in multiple countries around the world.


Our Mission

The aim of this project was to implement and host a digital event for Gas 30 seconds. There was a live session for every country that lasted for 30 seconds. There also was a training session that ran for some time between a given start date until the contest ends.

Our Approach

We had to built a fully custom front-end based ecommerce solution that could be parallelized on hundreds of servers at the same time and spun up for only 30s. The whole solution was a technically challenging build that ultimately send only two requests – the initial download of the page and the final shopping cart result. The initial target was making sure it holds up under high demand (up till 500k people at once).


  • Withstood peak 90k people demand in India with (approximately 200 servers)
  • Built a custom frontend ecommerce solution that deferred all requests to the very end to diminish the server load and speed up the experience
  • Launched in Hungary, Italy, Rest of Europe, Russia, India, Japan

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