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Fertilitypedia is a portal that provides all IVF related information. You can evaluate your own individual chance to conceive, receive information about possible diagnosis and search for help instantly.

Our Mission

Change how people view IVF and how they get information about their chance to conceive. Support their decision making and direct them to experts.

Our Approach

We created a proprietary database of diagnoses, risk factors, symptoms and treatments, that affect each other to create a final chance to conceive. The decision making algorithm is based on certified IVF specialists’ know how embedded in the platform.


  • Charted tens of thousands of connections between risk factors, symptoms and treatments
  • Created a catalog of IVF clinics worldwide
  • Created an online platform that shares fertility profile between IVF clinics worldwide
  • First public integration of IBM Watson in IVF space

More of our work

Online lead generation redesign for the largest loan provider in China

We were tasked with redesigning the Homecredit China corporate site in order to drive online loan sales. We used a lean startup approach on site in Shenzhen and Tianjin with direct customer research and managed to deliver the new site within three months, thus creating a new online revenue stream and support for Chinese online activities. We continued to support Chinese innovation activities with a dedicated team.

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Realtime logistics software

A European logistics dashboard for mid-market companies based on routing and location based data.

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