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A backend infrastructure for an online regimen builder with recommendations for a high traffic Deciem website

deciem regimen builder ui

deciem regimen builder result ui

Our Mission

Build a highly scalable backend API that will recommend cosmetics products to customers, taking their needs into account, while respecting contraindications, country restrictions, and stock levels.

Our Approach

We paired our data analyst together with our developers in order to translate multiple decision matrices into a database that can be queried. We deployed a serverless Azure function with a high throughput in order to serve a large volume of requests.


  • Had multiple business meetings to understand how to best build a tool that will generate new revenue for The Ordinary.
  • Cosmetic product recommendation engine based on age, sensitivities, country restrictions and contraindications.
  • Highly scalable API built on top of Azure Functions.
  • Build a full regimen based on preferences, including times of day of application of different products.
  • Suggested datasets to train new AI and ideas on how to generate future subscription revenue from this product.
  • The Regimen Builder is now being used by thousands of people every day without any downtime.

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