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Merge 7 Real Estate data portals into 1


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Connecting multiple data and sales portals for the largest Central European business park real estate company

Our Mission

Build an integrated web portal to support all relevant stakeholder needs, connecting all seven distinct services within one system. Create functionality for a new CRM system, display full database of geodata online, create a separate website for each office location, and enable potential and existing customers to access all relevant services for their business needs.

Our Approach

We spoke with all potential types of users and identified the requirements for their unique customer journeys, scoped the best way to provide integration of geographical data for property sites, and aligned our system to work smoothly with CRM upgrades. Built a design system and integrated everything into one website with a custom content management system.


  • Delivered a unified system as one go-to portal for the company's entire portfolio
  • Integrated the portal to work with the client's new customer management system
  • Integrated the company database showing all relevant geospatial data for each property location
  • Created a design system for integration of all systems to work effectively together

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