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A quick look

A digital Concierge Marketplace to connect customers to total automotive repair and maintenance service. Concierge caters to both B2C and B2B customers leveraging Bridgestones expertise, network and owned service offerings.

Concierge LIght UI

Our Mission

To validate and market test the concept, evaluate the services most sought after by customers and define a roadmap of product and software development for 2021.

Our Approach

We performed extensive market research including customer interviews and surveys in order to understand which features would result in the highest quality adoption once the MVP was launched. We then designed a prototype of the product and validated it with customers in order to prove usability and market interest.


  • We delivered a full click-through prototype of the Concierge App.
  • We identified the most compelling feature set to optimize for early adoption.
  • We validated market interest by using 20 customer interviews and 2 surveys.
  • We defined the future roadmap for Concierge to maximize organizational learning and data-sharing.

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