P2P lending platform

Frontend: Tomáš Váhala
Backend: Martin Nuc
Frontend: Jan Bobisud
Project Management: Stanislav Filipčík
Creative Director: David Švejda
Graphic Design: Jakub Goldmann
Product Manager: Jakub Wagner
Backend: Petr Vlček
Frontend: Jan Vonka

Client's brief

Zonky is an online peer-to-peer lending service where users can borrow and lend money. The whole process tries to be as comfortable and transparent as possible. In the Czech Republic, Zonky is the most trusted financial brand, as well as the largest P2P lending platform.


Our goal

We aimed to build the first testing pages and take Zonky to MVP stage. We wanted to support Zonky with a stable team of developers and designers. Our goals included the following:

Help build a groundbreaking service from scratch

Influence product-thinking from a U/X perspective

Support various TV campaigns

Rapid growth of users

Assist in risk assessment automation

Infrastructure scaling

Penetration tests

What we did
for the client

  • Development
  • UX
  • Design
  • Infrastructure
  • APIs
  • Analysis

You might be interested to know

NPS 82%, 9k investors, €23m lent, largest P2P lending platform in Czech Republic.

The most trusted name in finance in the Czech Republic.

Zonky’s CEO is one of 75 most influential women in the Czech Republic (Forbes).

The Dev team was scaled from two to 20 members in two years.

Supported TV campaigns with €1m+ spend.

Zonky doubled the amount of clients cash loans.