Deferred payment method for every eshop

UX Design: Robert Blecha
Lead Developer: Luboš Mátl
Product Manager: Jakub Wagner
Testing: Franta Hrdý
Project Manager: Petr Berdych
Backend Developer: Jiří Puc
Backend Developer: Petr Olah
Backend Developer: Václav Matějka
Backend Developer: Patrik Chytil
Frontend Developer: Ondřej Nejedlý

Client's brief

Create an easy-to-use payment method where you can defer your payment for up to 51 days, with the possibility of spreading the payment into installments.


Our goal

We were responsible for the whole system starting with the user experience, API connection to eshops, payment gateway, and customer zone. We have been supporting the business team for years, always trying to come up with solutions that have the end customer in mind.

What we did
for the client

  • Development
  • UX
  • Graphic Design
  • Infrastructure
  • APIs

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We created a brand new self-care and website along with integration with in just  three months