HoppyGo. Carsharing for your next trip

Infrastructure: Petr Sedmihradský
Coding: Jakub Pitra
Mobile Development: Jan Václavík
React Native: Daniel Suchý
Coding: Anna Luláková
Coding: Jaromír Malec
Frontend: Martin Doubek
React Native: Filip Papranec
Project Manager: Jakub Hrebeňár
Python Developer: Petr Polášek
Python Developer: Zuzana Kašáková
Testing: Briselda Karaj
Testing: František Mareček

Client's brief

An easy-to-use carsharing platform for all occasions, with a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Our goal

To construct platform implementation for people-to-people car lending, including a payment process and adequate insurance. To build a mobile application for drivers and car owners. We also wanted to provide a backend application for the user support team.

What we did
for the client

  • Development
  • UX
  • MVP

You might be interested to know

This is the very first project we did for Škoda Digi Lab