Forbes magazine for Africa

Creative Director: Tomáš Nečas
Infrastructure: Petr Sedmihradský
Coding: Jakub Pitra
Art Director: Nicky Pekarev
UX Design: Ľubo Ruska
Backend: Pavel Karfík
Testing: Martina Očadlíková
Coding: Martin Osikovský

Client's brief

The previous version of the Forbes Africa website was designed only for ordering the actual magazine. This complete redesign should make accessible the full content of the magazine to FA readers.


Our goal

We aimed to create an online publishing platform for Forbes Africa from design to infrastructure, accessible from mobile devices. Forbes Africa features various post types to tailor the visuals to the content

What we did
for the client

  • Development
  • UX
  • Design
  • Infrastructure

You might be interested to know

The whole website was built in 31 days!