Premium business parks in Central Europe

Creative Director: Tomáš Nečas
Frontend: Tomáš Adamec
Backend: Michal Kos
Project Management: Martin Stojka
Art Director: Nicky Pekarev
Backend: Pavel Karfík
Backend: Ilyas Gazimagomedov
Testing: Martina Očadlíková
Coding: Arezoo Kazemi

Client's brief

A complete redesign of the website. To merge multiple websites with one central website that focuses on user experience and design.

Our goal

CTP had a large online footprint with high amounts of structured data. This complexity had previously resulted in seven different websites that showcased different aspects of CTP developments, properties, and jobs. The goal was to build a website to sell

What we did
for the client

  • Development
  • UX
  • Design

You might be interested to know

We created a brand new design and integrated seven websites into one. The website has a powerful property finder with advanced filters. CAD files were utilized to create property and unit outlines with Google Maps. We created an API exposing data for mobile applications, large touchscreens, etc. and we connected to an internal CRM to auto-populate updates