AI alerts about your favorite topics

Frontend: Tomáš Adamec
Backend: Honza Snížek
Coding: Roman Marčík
Graphic Design: Tomáš Krejčí
UX Design: Ľubo Ruska
Account management: Jan Fried
Testing: Martina Očadlíková
Testing: Franta Hrdý
Backend: Peter Rossa
Backend: Dimitrios Kourkoumpas
Project Management: Viliam Džama

Client's brief

The information overload of today's news and increasing reach of Facebook into publishing is threatening the existence of small publishers. We want people to get customized content streams from a variety of sources, and help publishers create more relevant content.


Our goal

To help build AlertMe so that control of what people actually want to read comes back to them, and creates a positive feedback loop for publishers to create more engaging and substantial content.

What we did
for the client

  • Development
  • UX
  • Design
  • Infrastructure
  • APIs

You might be interested to know

The AlertMe algorithm is built with Natural Language Processing & Contextual Semantics via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s a partner for a publisher. Access to the results of the pushed alerts and matching statistics for the recommendations are all part of the the admin dashboards. AlertMe is used by the juggernauts of various industries, such as