Investing in our nurtured talent

U+ is built to support exploration and innovation. Our best talent gets funds from U+V to start their company under our umbrella.

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How we pick ideas

In-house product
We were looking for a product that would help us do X. All the available products did not do X well, so we built our own.
Vertical knowledge
Through our work with clients from diverse industries, we often stumble upon untapped possibilities in the market.
Client work
Through our client work, we find enterprises that matter for us. If we get the opportunity, we try to invest in them.

Startups we invested in


Resource planning, time tracking, financial reporting

Traffika makes you more efficient by utilizing all your resources fully and giving you a deep look into your project costs and margins.

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We bring back order to lawyers' files

SingleCase organizes all case files in the cloud while providing an easy way to track time, tasks and timeline of each case.

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Find your best roommate

Igluu is a NYC based marketplace facilitating the search for the best room or a roommate. It features over 5000 apartments and an growing active community.

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Hotel booking platform

Ehotel is the only booking system that taps into corporate cafeteria programs for the employees to spend the cafeteria points on hotels in the Czech Republic.

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Lens ID

ID card scanning platform

Lens ID is an ID card scanner and data cleaning platform, allowing to read Czech ID cards with high precision.

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Prototype your idea in 3 days

James will create an interactive app or website prototype starting at $1499 and 3 days.

1. Describe your idea
2. James gets to work
3. Get a prototype

It’s that simple!

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