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Let Sophia create
your landing page

Sophia creates product pages with the best
conversion rates, starting at $2999 and 3 days.
You would typically need a designer, business analyst
and a programmer to put together a landing page that works.

Sophia does all this out of the box and optimizes
the page layout for the best conversions.

Read about the usefulness of
landing pages in the Startup Guide

1. Chose your landing page level
We offer 3 landing page options: 3, 5, or 7 versions. Why? Because it’s hard to predict what works best, so it’s good to test multiple ones. If you’re not sure how many you need, get in touch and we’ll help.

2. Order your landing page

Leave us your contact details and Sophia will be in touch

Frequently asked questions

Is Sophia a real human?
Sophia is a machine learning algorithm currently assisted by humans who help train it and verify results.
Why is this better?
You get results from measurements during the testing month to verify the best version, and you have access to all the analytics data.
What kind of analytics do you use?
The backbone of Sophia is Google Analytics, Hotjar, and a custom database of page events.
Why is this important?
Increases in conversion rates on your product page drive your business, so it’s worth your while to have the highest ones.