Great products come from great insights

U+Method Our multi-phase process guides you from idea stage through product definition, minimum viable product to scaling and running your business.

Customer value proposition definition & testing
We work directly with your business team to turn ideas into testable business hypotheses, through in-depth customer interviews and benchmarking vs. direct and adjacent competitors.

We test these hypotheses with our Product Testing Sandbox, a set of tools for quick prototype web page development, campaigns validation and result analysis.

Based on the results, business teams gain insights to define their target market, customer pains, key success factors and business case assumptions.
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4 - 8 week action plan:
  • Run joint ideation & proposition design workshops
  • Gather relevant market & customer insights
  • Design and test multiple product propositions
  • Distill value proposition to a one-pager for alignment across your organization
Product definition
& specification
Great products deliver great customer experience through attention to detail.

By mapping the customer’s path we identify moments where you can deliver above expectations.

To ensure your product delivers on the customer value proposition, our team will help you dig into the details of every step.

This detailed view helps uncover practical complications in operations or technology that need to be addressed before we start building.
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4 - 8 week action plan:
  • Build your customer journey
  • Identify moments of truth in the journey
  • Design customer experience around key moments to deliver on value proposition
  • Create and test UX prototypes
  • Finalize business specification
Achieve product-market
fit & grow
Learn fast from your first customers, find the right product-market fit and start to scale.

There are 2 critical missions for any new product: Measure everything to fully understand the behavior of your first customers and groom those customers to become ambassadors.

Our analytics and business support help you with both so you can start to scale faster.
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4 - 6 month action plan:
  • Build the systems and processes to run your product
  • Analyze customer behavior to optimize marketing messages, sales funnels and moments of truth
  • Refine the target audience, messages and scale for growth

We help Fortune 1000 companies launch ideas into real products


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U+ team with client and IT/Ops owners

  • Set and approve sprint content for proposition and product build phases
  • Regular stand-up meetings to track progress sprint progress
  • Backlog specification and prioritization

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Product Owners from client and U+

  • Review project status
  • Track progress
  • Resolve questions and open issues
  • Process prioritization & alignment
  • Resource allocation (Client & U+)

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Client stakeholders and core U+ team

  • U+ presents status of the project
  • Escalate executive level decisions
  • Prioritization and resource allocation

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