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AWS Lambda

U+ has a dedicated team with experience in over 30 AWS
Lambda implementations.

What is Lambda

AWS Lambda is an event-driven serverless computing platform which automatically manages the resources required.

With Lambda, you can run code for virtually any type of application or backend service - all with zero administration.

You can write Lambda functions in your favorite language (Node.js, Python, Go, Java, and more) and use both serverless and container tools, such as AWS SAM or Docker CLI, to build, test, and deploy your functions.

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AWS Lambda automatically runs your code without the need for your own infrastructure.


Continuous Scaling

AWS Lambda automatically scales your application in line with the size of the workload.


Easy Extension

AWS Lambda allows you to add custom logic to AWS resources.


Cost Optimized

Only pay for the time you use with AWS Lambda.


Consistent performance at scale

AWS Lambda allows you to scale your execution with custom memory size for your function.


Integrated Security

AWS Lambda allows you securely access other AWS services through its built-in AWS SDK and IAM.

Lambda Implementations

Import big data into AWS as fast as possible

Our client needed to import big data as fast as possible but at the same time ensure enough cloud infrastructure capacity to run the client's e-commerce website and mobile app.

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Automated contract creation from multiple databases

Our client is an US based insurance company growing it’s digital presence and online feature for potential and current users. They needed an automated process of final contract creation by gathering data from various database sources (Verisk, DataCubes) of different business partners and visualisation of those data into PDF files.

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