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Lifeguard your data in the cloud

Use the world’s largest cloud provider to backup and restore your data safely and quickly.

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  • Big/infrequent backups of local servers - high costs of purchased infrastructure or low security
  • The amount of investment for DR planning for a particular system can vary dramatically depending on the cost of a potential outage
  • Duplicating infrastructure to ensure the availability of spare capacity in the event of a disaster
  • The infrastructure needs to be procured, installed, and maintained


Get automatic backups in the cloud
Scalable storage
Choose between backup or an instant disaster recovery solution
Know where you have your data at any time


Step 1

  • Review your current solution
  • Assess backup and disaster recovery requirements
  • Design solution and provide cost estimates
  • Backup, Pilot Light, Warm Standby, Multi Site

Step 2

  • Setup
  • Migration of your existing data/running applications

Step 3

  • Monitoring setup
  • Testing - simulate disasters

Step 4

  • Production use
  • Evaluation