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spot instance swarm for AI

You can now rent a fleet of servers that others have already paid for, and get it at a fragment of its original cost.

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  • You have a large amount of data, but not enough capacity or time to process it
  • Your equipment is heavily underutilized in running big data analysis or other jobs
  • You need to reserve a computing window in your organization
  • Procuring additional hardware means high CAPEX


Leveraging spot instances and automating their purchasing and provisioning
Automated bidding with a price cap for the minimum computing power
Switching provisioned instances quickly and efficiently
Cost savings up to 90%


Step 1

  • Review your workload and application type
  • Capture financial and computing power requirements

Step 2

  • Migrate your application into the AWS environment
  • Build a golden image
  • Set up our scalable platform and scripts

Step 3

  • Sit back and monitor the savings
  • Adjust the parameters as needed