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Managed server AWS with DevOps setup and monitoring platform.
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We build our own startups on top of AWS. We want the start-ups to start running quickly, provide environments they need in few clicks. We are consulting the use of AWS offerings based on cost, scalability and future use.


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We understand what a digital agency needs for their business - we have preconfigured tools that provide agency developers spinning up their projects’ environments themselves in a matter of minutes.


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We are working with our client’s IT and business departments to assist them in their cloud adoption path. We are using Amazon’s TCO methodology to build a business case. We participate clients POCs to evaluate the key requirements and verify our cost assumptions. We assist in building cloud migration roadmaps enabling IT professionals in AWS
per month

Infrastructure services

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BulletCreated with Sketch.Monitoring & Alerting
BulletCreated with Sketch.Backup & Disaster Recovery

Included support

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Access Frequency
Automated web/app endpoint availability check 24/7 5 min
Automated environment runtime check (CPU, RAM, storage) 24/7 5 min
Automated network monitoring 24/7 5 min
SLA reporting monthly

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Automatic environment snapshots 24/7 daily
2 week filesystem backup 24/7 daily

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Network-level attack detection 24/7 5 min
Security update installs 12x5 workdays
Regular OS updates 12x5 workdays

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Runtime documentation management 12x5 workdays
Configuration management 12x5 workdays

DevOps services

  • Configuration Management
  • Streamlining Dev Environment Setup
  • Orchestration
  • Service Discovery
  • Dashboards
  • Automated Deployment
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Scalability
  • Email Service
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Usertech is a certified AWS Consulting partner, managing more than 200 servers for clients in Europe, US and China

Some of our customers



P2P lending platform

P2P lending platform



AI Alerts About Your Favorite Topics

The Ultimate Pull in a World of Non-Stop Push



Find the best roommate in NYC

Find the best roommate in NYC

Possible architectures

Batch Processing

Runs the job in AWS at a cost and time you define. Automatically leverages the power of AWS Cloud computing: Massively Parallel Processing, Use Spot Instances for significant savings and Automated Fault handling


Retailers needed to ensure website availability, but with traditional infrastructure wasn’t easy to scale. Moving e-commerce platform to AWS you can scale with demand and has improved availability

Financial services

High security high availability financial and computational grids.

Web log analysis

Provides insights into your website’s traffic that helps companies uncover business opportunities from visitor interactions.

Time Series Processing

Time Series Database is dealing with Reducing Complexity with two design objectives 1. Simplifying the data collection process and 2. Simplifying dashboarding, reporting and analytics

Media Sharing

Access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites.

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