Why are we here?

We help startups and corporations get their digital products to the market. We invest in promising ventures.

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Helping driven people
Everybody at U+ goes through building multiple startups before embarking on his or her own venture with U+Ventures.

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We want to make you successful.
If we do, we are successful as well.

We usually start to understand your idea and help define its positioning on the market through user testing and prototypes. When we know what the product is, we use our lean startup approach and quickly iterate new versions of your product based on new user data.

Become one of us

You will help build multiple startups in your tenure at U+, challenging you to learn new skills every day. We’ve had UX designers become project managers and then CEOs.

“If there is one company that gives you the chance to learn new things at work, it is U+.”

Martin Stojka
Project manager, former startup founder

We mentor startups with

Google Launchpad Accelerator
Founder institute
Startup World Cup & Summit
European Space Agency Business Incubation

Get personal
These are some of the key people
running our 100+ person operation

Jan Beránek

CEO, Founder

We set demanding goals for every member of the team. We live and breathe continuous improvement in each and every project.

Lucia Patoprstá

Head of HR, Coach

Together we push through new challenges and seize opportunities. As a team we exceed all expectations and push the digital envelope.

Martin Pejša


We love what we do. Every project is an opportunity to learn something new and bring about disruptive innovation to multiple industries at once.

Petra Rážová

Traffic Manager

We value transparency and honest feedback in our communication with customers and each other. No bullshit, honest feedback :)

Adam Paris


Your idea is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We work together to turn that opportunity into a digital reality.

Kate Bunina

Managing Director, San Francisco

If you’re not afraid of blood, tears, and sleepless nights, you’ll achieve excellence, and U+ gives a lot of opportunities for people to grow.

Tom Nečas

U+ Design CEO, Creative Director

We pride ourselves on trying new tech and practices, such as Adobe Xd, Sketch, or Principle to improve our creative process.

Lenka Černá

Head of Communications

Head of project management, then maternity leave, then waking up at 3 a.m. every day, to rocking our CEO to sleep with new press releases :).

Ondřej Kofroň


Technology drives us forward from React through Python, PHP and Node.js, to Docker and AWS.

Jan Fried

Managing Director, New York

Our talented U+ people create innovative tech solutions and positive changes and experiences for the world’s most challenging markets.

How are we helping others?
We’ve built more than 40 startups in the past 2 years.



  • 1000+ Ideas
  • 100+ Validated
  • 47+ MPV
  • 20 handed over
  • 5 supporting