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Czech Startup Studio Usertech rebrands as U+

CzechCrunch, 31st March 2017

Igluu.com is the future of NYC rentals

NY Real Estate, April 4th 2017, (Czech)

Interview w/ Jan - how we started U+

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Doing something valuable in every project

We set demanding goals for every member of the team. We live and and breathe continuous improvement and incorporate these ideals into each and every project.

Jan Beránek, U+_ Founder, CEO

Helping each other

Together we push through new challenges and seize opportunities. As a team we exceed all expectations, redefine success, and push the digital envelope.

Lucia Patoprstá, Talent Management

Pushing the boundaries

We love our job, every project is an opportunity to learn something new and bring about disruptive innovation to multiple industries at once.

Martin Pejša, Partner


in our communication with our customers and each other. We make open minded, creative and intelligent decisions that we are accountable for us. No bullshit, honest feedback:-)

Petra Rážová, Office Management,

Biting the Big Apple

Our talented U+People create innovative tech solutions, positive changes and experiences for the world’s most challenging markets, growing and raising the bar of possibilities with every new project.

Jan Fried, Managing Director NYC

Hard work pays off

If you're not afraid of blood, tears and sleepless nights, you'll achieve excellence and U+ gives a lot of opportunities and support for people to grow.

Kate Bunina, Managing Director SF

We love experimenting

Our graphic and UX designers take part in a project from start to end. We pride ourselves in trying new tech and practices, such as Adobe Xd, Sketch, or Principle to improve our creative process. We meet weekly to give feedback and talk design.

Tom Nečas, U+Design CEO

Treating you like a partner not a client

Your idea is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We work together to turn that opportunity into a digital reality.

Adam Paris, U+_ COO
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Who we are

People who have an impeccable taste in humor and are never shy of enlightening the atmosphere with a speck of sarcasm. Really...
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We are always looking for bright people to join our team and take us one step forward.

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